Harambe’s Vote Count Isn’t A Good Look For Us Millenials

Overall, not a great look for us Millenials here. Sort of re-enforcing the negative stereotypes the older generations have towards us, about how we just do anything for retweets and internet fame. On top of that, Harambe hasn’t been funny in like 3 or 4 months. Give credit where credit is due, once it got out of the Barstool world, it lost its steam. If you’re going to do something like this, at least be funny and creative.

Like 6,000 people writing in Hennessy for President is objectively a funny thing. And I’m sure there are a bunch more funny write-ins. Plenty of people definitely wrote in Ken Bone (which was unfunny after one day, but still recent enough to be funny) and Kanye (who I’m now terrified could actually be president in 2020).

Once again, none of it’s a great look for us Millenials, but if you’re going to waste your vote and make a mockery of democracy for social media purposes, at least be funny.


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