Jeff Fisher’s Rams Career Can’t Possibly Last Any Longer

New city, and not just any old city. Beautiful and sexy Los Angeles.

New draft pick, and not just any old draft pick. Beautiful and sexy A talented, number 1 overall pick quarterback draft pick.

But same old, frumpy, average Jeff Fisher.

Ian Rappaport reports now that Fisher won’t start the rookie until the Rams are officially out of playoff contention, which I’m sure will be soon. And the obvious question on Rams fans mind is:

trump lose.png

That should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Rams ownership. Are there any other coaches that could have 5 straight losing seasons and keep their job? Especially when they’ve got a top pick on their bench they refuse to play, because they believe in Case Keenum too much? I’ve never seen a coach more stubbornly support a bad quarterback. We’re not talking about a Dak-Romo debate. Talking about not willing to see if you have the next Joe Montana on your roster because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of your 11 interception quarterback.

Nothing ruins the new brand of the Los Angeles Rams more than frumpy old Jeff Fisher. Time’s up big fella.


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