Ever Think About How 2 People Can Be Born The Same Second, But Have Different Birthdays?

Lowkey up until 3 a.m. the other night wrapping my head around this. Let me break it down:

Let’s say tonight at 8 pm, somebody in Chicago gives birth to a little baby boy. The exact same moment, in Beijing, someone gives birth to an adorable little Chinese baby. EXACTLY THE SAME MOMENT. But it’s already tomorrow in China. So despite being born at literally the same second, they have different birthdays.

mind blown.gif

Maybe y’all aren’t grasping the importance of that. Those two could grow up and meet each other. The Chicagoan would say “Yeah, my birthday’s November 8th”, and the Chinese guy would say “No way, I was born November 9th”, when in reality, THEY HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY. And they would never ever know! Try to digest that.

Time zones just make me uncomfortable. I understand the reason for them, but sometimes they’re excessive. Couldn’t we just have one clock, and one time, and then everybody just lives off of that? Like does it have to be dark in the p.m. for everybody? It could just be that “day time” in China is 10 pm to 10 am, but in the States it’s 10 am to 10 pm. Everybody would get used to it, and we wouldn’t have to worry about people who really have the same birthday nnever knowing the truth.


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