Big Thanks To Whoever Pissed Off Richard Sherman

ICYMI last night, Richard Sherman got himself involved in some shit against the Bills last night, aaaaaand it was awesome:

Number 1: Jumped wildly offside to block a kick, took out Dan Carpenter’s leg in the process:

Second, on the last play of the game, Sherman just straight up rocked a guy in the end zone while Tyrod Taylor scrambled. Right in front of the ref, no call:

No personal fouls on either of those. And no call at all on the second one.

Okay, so they weren’t great plays. They were really cheap shots that if it were anybody else, I’d say they deserve to be suspended. Dan Carpenter should probably have a broken knee cap, we can’t just let that stuff fly.

Butttttt it’s Richard Sherman. And for a little bit there, he was fading away. Not that his play was dipping, but he wasn’t that pain in the ass legendary Richard Sherman he once was. That guy’s now clearly back though, big time. It’s what the NFL needs to be fun. Not that I want everyone running around cheap shotting, but we need some rivalry, somebody to hate. Brady’s too passive with his words to hate. Sherman will say anything to any one, and I promise if he keeps this up, NFL ratings will rise up. No clue who pissed him off, but thank you. You might be saving the league.

BTW, love Sherman’s response to the Deadspin tweet. Says “check rule book” even though there’s no chance anybody will:


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