Trent Richardson: Another College Star That Wishes He Could Go Back

Via Yahoo

Alabama had a few special guests assist with its preparation for the LSU game. The Crimson Tide brought in lettermen Trent Richardson and John Parker Wilson for practice last week as members of the scout team. Richardson imitated Tigers star running back Leonard Fournette while Wilson played the role of quarterback Danny Etling.”

I want to start off by saying, this is the first time I’ve heard the name John Parker Wilson since his brother, Ross, was the star of the MTV show Two-A-Days. Now, let’s get to the real story.

How bad have things really gotten for Trent Richardson? This is a former All-American and number three overall pick in the NFL we are talking about here. Not some scrub Nick Saban pulled off the streets. Why the hell is he spending a week at his former school pretending to be Leonard Fournette? Richardson, who earlier this summer after signing with the Baltimore Ravens, talked about how he was still working toward that gold jacket. Not working towards simply making an NFL team, but working towards the NFL Hall of Fame! I get it Trent, it’s great to have goals and all. But at this rate, your goals seem unachievable. Maybe Nick Saban can do you a solid and hire you on as a full-time scout team running back?

Also, there is something that seems to be lost in this story. We hear all the time about how deep Alabama’s roster is. If it is so deep and full of talent, why do they need to call on guys like John Parker Wilson and Trent Richardson to play on the scout team just to give their first team a good look? Don’t get me wrong, I know Alabama is good, REALLY GOOD! But, it’s just something to think about.


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