Theo Epstein has turned himself into a savage

CUBS CUBS CUBS CUBS CUBS CUBS! Not possible to go on a sports site and not see something about the Chicago Cubs  for at least the next month. It’s kind of like a long Christmas for me and im not ready for the championship hangover.

Nonetheless the man behind the plan, Theo Epstein, continues doing things that just make you love the guy. Besides building a perennial contender for the next five years, Theo is also ripping through past Cubs curses.

Honestly, Theo just ate some goat in the Wrigley bleachers with Jed Hoyer and some other guys. Really not all that interesting, except for the fact he is responsible for ending the Cubs 108 year drought. I’ve had goat plenty of times in my life, solid food nothing really weird about eating. Yet, almost anything Epstein does for the next two months can be dubbed as news.

*Pedro Strop did the goat thing right if you’re going to do it all.


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