College Tip: Always Have Hot Sauce In Your Fridge

First cooking tip for you people, and I’ve got a lot in my back pocket. You may not have a kitchen in your dorm/apartment/etc. yet, but make sure to bookmark this so you’ll be prepared when you do.

We’re not all Wolfgang Puck, not just out of lack of skill but also lack of interest in spending an hour to make a full meal. You want something done in 10 minutes most of the time, and that means making sacrifices. You’re not always going to be able to whip up some sauce, or marinate your meat. That’s where our friend Mr. Hot Sauce comes in.

Probably the most versatile condiment, you can literally “put that shit on everything”, and it turns your bland meal into an adventure. Instead of bland chicken, throw some hot sauce on that mug and it’s a whole new ball game. Sick of eating the same old mac and cheese? Put hot sauce on it one time and I promise you’ll never go back. Hot sauce on pasta, maybe even that stale pizza that’s been in the fridge 5 days. Game changing.


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