Cubs Fan Proposes While GF Holds WS Trophy, Will Likely Regret That Down The Road

Look, in theory, this is the perfect moment for the guy. Anybody else in the situation would likely pull the trigger too. Standing on the warning track at Wrigley with the World Series trophy in hand? If the girl’s a big time Cubbie fan, you simply have to (the boyfriend wrote on Reddit that his now-fiance and him started dating at Wrigley, her dad worked there for 40 years, and she worked there too in high school).

But here comes the cynicism from your boy.

There’s the peak of your marriage, and it hasn’t even started yet. If that’s how you’re getting engaged, what are you going to do for the wedding? Or hell, the honeymoon too? I just don’t think the guy will have an easy time following this one up. Lots of people want the engagement to be some big hulla-ba-loo (this sounds good in my head but I obviously don’t know how the hell to spell it). If that’s you, you’re not thinking of the day after, where she realizes again that you’re just a regular ass guy eating fruit loops straight out of the box without a shirt on, watching NFL Redzone for 7 hours straight. And that’s a VERY sharp downward turn from when you were proposing on the warning track of Wrigley just 24 hours ago

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