Why Do Cubs Fans Feel Like They’re The Ones That Get To Apologize To Steve Bartman?

Been a lot of Cubs love on the site over the last 48 hours, because they deserved it. And there’s going to be lots more over the next few weeks. But I’ve got a MAJOR BONE to pick with Cubs fans (that felt uncomfortable to say, move past it).

Why the hell do you think it’s your right to forgive Steve Bartman, not vice versa?

Per usual, Bleacher Report doing anything they can, in the least creative way, to get retweets. Have to throw them in there any time I can make them look bad.

But to say that the man Cubs fans were pushing off the edge of the bridge should be grateful that some drunk North Siders think it’s okay for him to live his life, is un-be-liev-able. Cubs fans should be on their knees begging Steve Bartman’s forgiveness, and they should’ve been for the past 13 years. If I’m Steve Bartman, I’ll celebrate the Cubs win, of course. But I’d never forgive those Cubs fans that told him to go kill himself, that sent death threats a decade after the fact. Because it’s sad to say, but with that level of hate towards a fan that we never saw before or will ever see again, it’s a miracle Steve Bartman’s still breathing. There’s no bigger blemish on the history of Chicago sports than how a relatively large amount of Cubs fans treated Steve Bartman. That was worse than the Black Sox. Worse than Sosa’s steroids. Hell, even worse than the Marc Trestman era. Pushing a man towards suicide was the worst side of Chicagoans.

So Cubs fans, you should send that man a damn ring, 10% of world series apparel sales, a yacht, and like 5 requests for anything he wants (including unlimited requests if he’s smart), to make up for 1/100000th of the pain you put him through. And Steve, don’t let Cubs fans forget what they put you through.


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