Last Night Was A Bad Look For Russell Westbrook And Co.

Wanted an ass-whooping of Kevin Durant and co. by Russell Westbrook last night. Didn’t get that though. Complete opposite actually.

Russ rolled up passive aggressive as hell, wearing an “official photography” vest, mocking KD’s love of photography (allegedly, seems like a long stretch of a joke to be honest):

And yeah, Russ had this really nice block on KD to send a message:

Which overshadowed this rejection of everyone’s least favorite point guard:

But the fun ended there, and KD went on to crucify Russell and co. 39 points, including 7-11 from 3? And all Russ could muster was 20 points on 4-15 from the field? Yikes. Of course there was lots of hatred. Of course there was lots of trash talk. But KD reminded us all that he’s still the most versatile scorer in the league. As hard as that is to accept, he’s still a murderer, and not a beast you want to wake.

Final note: best trash talk of the game came from Enes Kanter, who chirped at KD “why didn’t you do this in the conference finals?” Love it Anus, love it.


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