Big Ten To Start Playing Friday Night Football, Ruining Entire World Order

Via Chicago Tribune:

Friday night lights are coming to the Big Ten. The conference’s new television agreements with ESPN/ABC and Fox will include a package of six prime-time Friday games beginning in 2017, Commissioner Jim Delany told the Tribune on Wednesday. The selected games will be revealed this week. “All things considered,” Delany said, “we thought it was worthwhile to dip our toe in the water.”

Everything used to be good. You’d watch high school football on Fridays. College football on Saturdays. NFL on Sundays, and maybe Mondays. Then the NFL started to go on Thursdays, and college would throw a few games on Tuesdays or Sundays. And all hell started to break loose. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Big Ten football on Fridays?! Absolute atrocity. Love how they put these games at times that people have other things going on (i.e. their children’s football games), and then don’t understand why ratings are low. Just like how the NFL doesn’t get that people don’t want to stay up late on a Thursday to watch the Jaguars play because they either still have work in the morning, or are in college and drunk at a bar. Everyone was happy when high school football, college football, and the NFL had their own day. No complaints. Good ratings. Stop ruining the world.


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