These Nike And Budweiser World Series Commercials Will Make Every Cubs Fan Cry

Maybe every sports fan too.

Angers me how gosh darn good these companies are at advertising. That Nike commercial felt like I was looking in a mirror. Looked like a young P Lamb throwing himself pop ups in the backyard. Every single person’s been there. Baseball’s dying, but little league remains to be the foundation of what many of us have become. For me at least, the lessons I use daily to try and be a good person were first taught in little league baseball.

The Bud commercial with Harry Caray? I felt like I know the guy. That genuinely gave me goosebumps, and I obviously wasn’t even around when Harry was calling baseball games. Like I have 0 connection to dude, yet Budweiser just made me miss him.

I know advertising’s all about deception, and selling to people’s emotions. Don’t give a damn, they’ve officially done their job and now own me (as if they didn’t already).


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