Obama Wants The Cubs To Visit The White House Before He Leaves Office

Say what you will about Obama’s policies, but he’s a genuinely cool ass dude. Kind of guy you would sit next to at a barbecue and shoot the shit with for a few hours. Same goes for most Presidents of the last few decades.

But our next President? Ehhhh whoever it is, I’m not sure they’ll be as chill. So yes, for this historic historic moment, we need to have someone like Obama welcoming them to the White House. Because if it’s Hillary, she’ll talk about being from the north side-ish of Chicago, which is accurate, but then it’ll turn into some pandering made up story about how she would hit up the salt and pepper diner every Cubs game day.

And if it’s Trump, God help us all, then it’s going to be about how he called this, how the Ricketts support him, then about Trump Tower housing some Cub players, then ObummerCare or something. He’d get off track quickly. Can’t have one of those two mess this moment up for Cub fans.


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