College Kid Uses Fake Bleacher Report Credentials To Sneak Into Game 5 of the World Series


Obviously, I’m on the fence here whether this is true or not. But anything that makes Bleacher Report look like the BUMS they are, I’m on board. (If they had any bit of creativity or real sense of humor in that company, they would’ve made this kid an honorary member of their press for Game 7) (Also, this isn’t the first time some shit like this happened)

In an interview he did, he said he had to fill out 30 minutes of tax paper work after telling guys he was part of the security team (my mans even worked the player’s gate at one point). People started to catch on once he started taking pictures with every player that came through, they were going to charge him with a few felonies, but then said he can stay.

Alright, not only did I not tell that story well, but the original story doesn’t make a lot of sense. Like, I don’t get how the Bleacher Report pass works into this, at all. But this is a Grade-A example of how far confidence gets you. Act like you belong and people start asking less questions.


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