Jose Fernandez’s Toxicology Report Shouldn’t Change How You Felt About His Death

Good people make bad choices.

Not everyone who does drugs is a bad person, nor is everyone who drinks alcohol and operates a car or a boat or whatever.

Jose Fernandez may have had his demons, or made his mistakes. That doesn’t change who he was. Everyone who knew him said he was genuine and loving. Happy and smiling, almost always. He truly loved baseball and his family, none of that was a front. His death was an ultimate tragedy, one that was properly mourned. His life was praiseworthy, one that was properly honored. Despite cocaine in the system, or a BAC double the legal limit, you should miss Jose Fernandez as much today as you did the day he passed away.

So for a small part of Twitter to react to the reports like this is truly disheartening, and the worst part of social media:



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