Idris Elba leaves Dunder-Mifflin for Mixed Martial Arts

I really only know Idris Elba from his short stint on the Office. The guy was probably the least funny character to appear on the show, just a dull bad time in the shows history. I know he’s been in other TV shows and movies, seems like the general reception around him is “solid British Actor”. Apparently nowadays Elba has taken up a career in Mixed Martial Arts for his series “Idris Elba: Fighter”.

The video shows Elba laying some nice hay makers to the face while slipping in a few kicks to the ribs. It’s crazy to see him out there at 44 years old taking and dishing out such a beating.

Also, apparently Madonna filmed this I don’t know if there is something going on there but Madonna is too old  for everybody, even him.

Gods speed Charles

Image result for charles miner


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