Cheerleaders Thought A “Trail of Tears” Sign Was A Good Idea Vs. “Indians” Team

Nothing like a little genocide to fuel a rivalry!

Two big time, small town rivals from east of Cincinatti met Friday night for the great American tradition of high school football. For the occasion, the Greenfield-Mcclain Tigers’ cheerleaders made a sign that read “Get Ready For The Trail of Tears Part 2” to try and scare their rivals, Hillsboro Indians.

Tough tough tough situation here. Should be a general rule that doesn’t need to be taught, that we shouldn’t be making fun of situations where thousands of people died. No real blurred line there, it’s pretty damn clear. How do you even pitch this idea to the rest of the team?

“Hey guys, their team name is the Indians, let’s talk about that time the government killed a bunch of Indians”

“Great idea, Becky! Glad we let you on the squad this year!”



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