Savvy Dude Sets Up GoFundMe To Buy Out Osweiler’s Contract, Will Surely Keep The $$$

Number one rule of life is to respect the hustle, no matter what form that comes in. For some people, it’s working hard on a website for a year and a half so that maybe one day you can sell like 7 shirts. Other people collect aluminum cans. And then others start these jokey GoFundMe’s, and keep all the money for themselves.

You’re the bum if you donate to one of these, and not expect whatever 17 year old that set it up to keep all the money. I’m worried about the future of our nation if it contains people who actually believe that when they gave $5 to this GoFundMe, it would actually go towards buying out Brock Osweiler’s contract:

osweiler gofundme.png

Dude MUST cash out now while he can. Because this is a tough game to play, exactly like with a stock. Eventually, GoFundMe will shut this shit down. He’s dancing on the line of notoriety where GoFundMe starts noticing it. And once they notice, they shut it down. Happens to every one of these campaigns. Have to be able to tell what’s the most amount of money you can get before you get shut down. Act quick kid, if they haven’t gotten you yet.


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