How Cowardly Are The NFL And ESPN To Blame Dropping NFL Ratings On The Protests?

Sometimes I wonder if people actually watch NFL games any more. Especially during these protests, people come out and say “how disrespectful” or “oh it’s killing the moment” or “it makes the sport hard to watch”.

Fam they don’t even show that stuff on TV. Or on Redzone. And if they do show the protests, it’s for what, 5 seconds? And then they get on with the game. You’re telling me the MAIN reason the NFL’s losing viewers is because of something that happens pre-game, is shown for 5 seconds, and then not talked about until the post game? You’re telling me people are sitting at home drinking beer and eating nachos on their asses while they watch the anthem, see someone kneeling during the anthem, and say “Nope, now that’s disrespectful, I won’t watch this sport I love.” Pettiest thing I’ve ever heard, and an absolute load of crap from the NFL and ESPN. Not to sound like a social justice warrior, but it’s obvious this is the NFL’s way of trying to shut down the protests.

Because in reality, there’s a plethora of reasons much larger than a guy taking a knee during the anthem that’s causing the ratings to drop. First off, it’s literally so easy to watch games online for free that cable has become obsolete in many places. Secondly, there’s so many crap teams in the NFL nowadays. It’s the natural ebb and flow of leagues. Just how the NBA hit a lull from like 2002 until 2008ish. NFL’s in the middle of a transition era now, where their superstars are getting old and retiring, and the next era’s not quite cemented yet.

Lastly, and most important, people really don’t like guys who beat women. Like, dislike almost no group of people in the world more than guys who beat women. And yet you keep putting guys who beat women on national television, keep on selling their jerseys, and keep on making money off of them to make your owners and sponsors happy. You think that’s driven down viewership a little bit, Roger? Or maybe how you don’t think concussions exist, and thus refuse to invest in the necessary equipment to protect guys from concussions? Or how you’ve sold your soul to beer companies, gambling companies, and other commercial interests, so much so that you’ve ruined the product? All of those are actual reasons people would stop stuffing your pockets with money by watching the NFL.

Don’t blame 1 minute in the pre-game for this crap league you created. Coward.



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