Warriors Really Missed Andrew Bogut’s Illegal Screens Last Night

Not a big bragging guy, but I called that the Warriors were going to be worse this year, despite adding KD. And that was pretty evident last night, wasn’t it? That they have one of the worst front-courts in the league, for the offense they’re trying to run? That they desperately need those illegal screens from Andrew Bogut back? There’s a lot of good examples of those in the video below:

Not that every team doesn’t do it, but Bogut and Draymond were MOWING folks down last year, and that’s 100% of the reason Steph made 400 threes.

But back to last night, it’s not just Bogut that the Warriors miss, it’s half the bench that they let walk. Because again, 3 of their 4 true big men can’t run the floor, and the other one is Javale Mcgee. The Warriors don’t suck. They’re going to win upwards of 63-64 games this year. This won’t be last year’s team though. We won’t see them blowing up other good teams, or winning 75 games. And if the Cavs play like they did last night, we won’t see the Warriors winning a championship.



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