Damian Lillard’s Still a Monster, And His Supporting Cast Is Still Weak

Was in my opening night preview, but I’ll reiterate it here.

Damian Lillard wants to win the MVP this year, and he’s going to win the MVP this year. Both because his stats will be out of this world. Talking at least 30 points per game. But he’ll also quite literally be the most valuable player in the league, because his supporting cast is embarrassing (still), yet he’ll carry them to the Playoffs.

Don’t talk to me about CJ Mccollum, because that’s not nearly enough. Outside of them 2, it’s a team full of average role players.Evan Turner’s never going to be the score we thought he would. Allen Crabbe and Noah Vonleh are hit or miss. And their front court leaves SO MUCH to be desired, with Meyers Leonard, Ed Davis, Al Farouq-Aminu, and whatever Plumlee’s there nowadays. It’s the same problem we saw in the postseason only a few months ago. Damian Lillard can win you a playoff series, but he can’t win you an entire championship. I don’t know who it is they trade for (some people are reporting Aldridge is back on the black, and I’m sure the Blazers would welcome him back), but if they don’t want to waste what will go down as some of the best scoring years for a point guard ever, they’ll do something soon. Can’t play an injured Jazz team every night unfortunately.


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