College Tip: A Little Febreze Goes A Long Way With A Day-Old Shirt

Absolutely obliterated with hatred by people from my last college tip. Even my mother came at my head. But I know there’s a silent majority out there that agreed with me.

That being said, let’s jump nose deep into another college tip that from the outside looking in seems unhygienic, but will save you time and maybe money, with close to no one knowing.

We’ve all been there before. You wear a shirt for a few hours the day before, maybe just around your dorm or your apartment. Comfortable shirt, you know, so you don’t want it to leave the rotation quite yet. It passes the smell test in the morning, but just barely. Now you’re conflicted. You don’t want to seem dirty, or maybe there’s that cute girl or guy you’re trying to impress, and you want them to think you’re literally fresh af. Mainstream media would want you to think you should send that shirt to the hamper, and put on a truly fresh one.

trump wrong.gif

I’ve been pulling the Febreze stunt since high school. Quick spray of that in the gym locker and my practice clothes were good for at least a month. Granted, that may have been taking it a bit far. Okay, not may have been taking it a bit far, it definitely did. Don’t blame 20 year old Paul for the actions of 16 year old Paul.

But for one day of classes, for that shirt that really makes you pop, 2-3 quick sprays of Febreze over the whole thing is absolutely game-changing. A whole new vote of confidence for yourself. It’s not a replacement for a dirty shirt, because unlike pants, shirts get dirty after one full wear. Don’t be a broke boy wearing a dirty shirt multiple days in a row, be better. But for a half-wear, a little bit of febreze goes a long way into turning it into a seemingly fresh, un-worn shirt. Best part is, nobody will know.

You knock it the first time you read it, but do it once, and you’ll be forever hooked.


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