Lonzo Ball’s The Best Freshman In The Country, Fight Me On It

Should preface by saying that I’ve got real disdain for Jayson Tatum after he committed treason and committed to Duke instead of SLU, and he was right in the mix when I started to break down in my head who the best freshman will be this upcoming season. And it came down to two guys, one being Tatum, and I couldn’t bring myself to pick him.

Leaving us with just one left, and that being Lonzo Ball, the best freshman in the nation for the 2016-2017 season. Better than Harry Giles, Tatum, Josh Jackson, etc.

To break it down to one phrase, Lonzo Ball has the smoothest, and best body control of any player in the country, not just out of all freshmen. In the air, on the ground, driving, pulling up for a jumper, passing, everything. Let the tape speak for itself:

After you watch enough basketball, you get the eye for why a guy’s going to be good. There’s not something specific, and it’s cliche to call it an intangible, but it’s impossible to put a finger on. His jumper’s going to need work, and I’m not saying he’s going to even win freshman of the year. but come draft time, Lonzo’s going to gain that traction. Because he can do everything so well, and he holds himself with stupid good poise on the court.

Stay up late for those UCLA 9:30 tip-offs this year, because you’ll get to see the best 18 year old in the nation do his thing.



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