In Desperate Need of These Craig Sager Air Force 1s


Like the Aunt Pearl’s, but a million times better because it’s Craig Sager.

The Sager Strong Foundation, which helps move money towards Leukemia research, has teamed up with Nike and NikeID to create 100 pairs of these mugs, and they’re auctioning them off this afternoon. Obviously, all the money’s going towards charity, so if you’ve got deep pockets, keep your eyes open for the link during opening night pre-game coverage.

Also, screw Bleacher Report and Turner Sports for making this about them? Bleacher Report Sneakers have this whole article on “BR Kicks’ exclusive look at the Sager Strongs”, and of course it says in the title that it’s all Turner Sport doing these good deeds by auctioning off the shoes. Even though it’s Craig Sager and his foundation. If you didn’t know, Bleacher Report just got another $100 million from Ted Turner to play around with, and expand their reach (give me $100 million, bet I do way more with it than those Bleacher Report idiots), so naturally they’ve become the propaganda puppet for Turner. Really really really wish companies would stop bragging when they do good things.

That’s the end of the rant. Check out the shoes below, along with the shirts that’ll be handed out at the Warriors-Spurs game:

sager shoes.jpg

sager shirts.jpg


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