Uni Report: Miami Dolphins

With a weekend full of great uniforms, these Dolphins throwbacks were, hands down, the best. I blogged about Rutgers all white uniforms last week, Colorado’a all gray uniforms were nice, but none could top the thing of beauty that was these Dolphins throwbacks.
I have asked myself this question a million times so I’ll ask it to you, why the hell did the Dolphins ever change their uniforms? These throwback uniforms are iconic! Raiders, Packers, Steelers, and Bears all have iconic uniforms, did they ever change them? No. So why did the Dolphins change their uniforms to this neon blue/green? Why change the Dolphin on the helmet to a swordfish? Makes no sense to me!
Somebody start a petition to get these “throwbacks” back to the Dolphins permanent uniform rotation. These uniforms are too nice to only be worn one time a year.

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