Since When Is Oregon A Top 5 Basketball Team?

Always considered myself to know enough about college basketball. Couldn’t tell you a guy on every team, or much about the average teams, but like most sports fans I thought I knew plenty about who the top 10 or 20 college basketball teams were, and DEFINITELY the top 5 teams, because it’s basically the same thing every year: Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, UNC, and maybe throw in a Nova or Virginia or something.

So it was a bit surprising when I saw the Coaches’ Poll, and there’s freaking Oregon at number 5?

Yes, they had a nice run last postseason, beating both Utah and Zona in the Pac-12 tourney then Duke in the Sweet 16, and have put together two straight impressive recruiting classes with a good amount of 4-star recruits.

But I still haven’t been sold on Pac-12 teams, a conference that’s the most overrated across college sports. Not even sure Oregon’s better than UCLA, rather the likes of UNC and MSU. But please, hop in the comments and let me know why I’m wrong.


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