Cost Of Cubs Standing Room-Only Tickets For Game 3 Are The Same Price As Tiger Cubs

Shouldn’t be a surprise that the once in a lifetime tickets are going to cost you a mortgage payment (I don’t know if that’s accurate but it sounds like something people would say). But dear lord, for standing room only tickets!!

cubs stubhub.png

That’s crazy money! Wrigley’s a fun enough atmosphere that hypothetically, that’s worth the money. Plus if you’re throwing out 2k for tickets, you’re not going to be as hesitant to down the dogs and beers that’ll likely be jacked up to $20 per.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about the utility of your dollar (I took AP Econ in high school, nbd), think about some of the other stuff you could do with that money. For example, you can buy a tiger cub, or like 3 bobcats:

tiger price.png

Your boy would probably much rather have the tiger cub, because that’s a fool-proof security measure. Even if you’ve got a gun, you’re not messing with a tiger. But no one’s ever accused Cubs fans of being smart, so I don’t blame them for getting the tickets instead.


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