Season Hasn’t Even Started And Draymond Green’s Already Kicking People Again

draymond kick.gif

Because that’s just the natural movement that everybody does right? Flailing their feet into the nearest face or shlong or whatever’s close.

Draymond’s literally a child. He plays sports how some kids did back in grade school gym class soccer, where they’re knocking around everyone’s family jewels every time the ball comes to their foot.

It’s not that lots of guys don’t have little unnatural tweaks that they do to draw a foul or get a shot in on somebody. Paul Pierce throws his head back with every dribble to get the foul call. I’d be surprised if every post player in the league doesn’t throw a forearm into a dude’s kidney every time the ball enters the post. All that’s part of the game. But the kicking? Obviously not. Knowing Draymond though, I have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing lots of the kicking shit this season.


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