NFL’s Randomness of Action Is What Makes the Josh Brown Situation Worse

I would be wrong to say that the NFL never does anything to punish domestic abusers, or sexual assaulters. I’d be a liar if I said that they don’t punish people for their actions off the field. Because Ray Rice basically got a lifetime suspension. It’s not only costing the players money in lost pay checks, but it costs the league money from star players not playing in games. And the NFL does not like losing money.

But I wouldn’t be wrong to say that there’s no rhyme or reason to anything the NFL does, and that that’s the biggest issue with Roger Goodell. Because like I said, he does in fact punish people, but it makes no sense why or how or when he does. For example, how does Richie Incognito get suspended months for a bullying event, but not at all for molesting a woman with a golf club (which would be a wild thing for a woman to just make up)? Or of course how does Greg Hardy get a 4 game suspension (which wasn’t enough), but Brandon Marshall has been suspended a total of 1 game in his career, despite having 9 DOMESTIC ABUSE VIOLATIONS, all of which seem to be mildly credible.

That’s what the NFL doesn’t understand, that doing something some of the time isn’t good enough. Being tough on Ray Rice doesn’t mean it’s okay for them to sit around with their thumbs up their butt with Josh Brown (or numerous other cases i.e. John Jerry putting his fingers up Jonathan Martin’s butt, or Prince Shembo who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman and got his friends to try and bully her into not going to the cops; she committed suicide 10 days later) And so while I’m angry about Josh Brown being one of the many many terrible human beings that are in the NFL, I’m angrier at the rate at which the league office does nothing with some of the cases, and then tries to make it up by going overboard on other cases. Because this won’t be the last time the NFL screws up something like this.


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