It’s Not PC To Say The Indians’ Super Racist Logo Is Racist

Truthfully, I had some beef when Canada thought they were our morality police earlier this week, and tried to block the Indians name and logo from usage up North.

So as much as it pains me to say, Canada wasn’t wrong. With the Indians now on their way to the World Series, the conversation’s going to come back full storm, and it’s not a big PC statement to say that at the least, Cleveland needs to get rid of Chief Wahoo as their logo.

Never felt that way about the Illini or the Braves, or even the team name of the Indians (I have huge issues with a team being called the Redskins). To me, naming yourselves the “Indians” is the same as calling a team the Vikings, the Trojans, the Fighting Irish, etc. That part’s an ode to the strength and courage of those Native American tribes, European kingdoms, or whatever other group. But look at this freaking logo, how can anybody say this kind of a caricature’s okay?

chief wahoo.png

Still don’t see the issue with it? Look at this photo put out by the National Congress of American Indians, showcasing the logo’s equivalent if it were another ethnicity:

indians 2.jpg

Not in the least bit PC to say that no group in the world would want themselves caricatured like that as a team name. And if you say you would, you’re just a liar. I know that we’re better than this.


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