Baseball Greats Over Wild Thing?

Charlie Sheen has offered to throw the ceremonial first pitch of the World Series on October 25 in Cleveland. Instead, baseball greats will throw the first pitch. You want to talk about an absolute hose job? I mean I get it, having baseball greats throw the first pitch is a great way to honor those who have played the game before us, but there is no person you can roll out there that will get the crowd rocking more than Wild Thing.

Just picture Charlie Sheen strutting his stuff out of the bullpen to his iconic walk-up song “Wild Thing.” Progressive Field would be so electric that it would crumble to the ground. You know Sheen would embrace the Wild Thing character. From the jersey, to the pants, to the stirrups, the glasses, and the haircut. He would go FULL Wild Thing!

The MLB is doing its fans an absolute disservice by not allowing Wild Thing to throw out the first pitch of the World Series. Like I said, it is nice to honor those who played before us. But, they could put LeBron James out there to throw the first pitch, in Cleveland, and he still might not get the kind of ovation Wild Thing would.


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