Kevin Durant Going to GSW Only ‘Because They Lost’ Proves the NBA’s Rigged, Right?

You undoubtedly read my article yesterday about Kevin Durant’s quotes in Rolling Stone on why he went to the Warriors, his final days with the Thunder, blah blah blah.

And one of the quotes said he “wasn’t going to go to the Warriors if they won the Finals”. That pretty much proves the NBA’s rigged, right?

Cavs would’ve won the Finals with or without rigging last year. Draymond Green undoubtedly should’ve gotten suspended. But you look at the facts, and last year’s NBA Finals is EXACTLY what the NBA would’ve wanted.

Lebron, the biggest star in the league, gets another ring. Great for the league and their sponsors. And because of that, a top 5 player in the league decides to join a team that won 73 games last year. Great for the league because they’ve got a villain again. Lebron as the villain in Cleveland was the weakest storyline. Golden State wasn’t polarizing enough yet. But now there’s not a single doubt in people’s mind. Either you’re all on the Warriors bandwagon, or you hate them like people hated the Heat. There’s no middle-ground, and that means YUGE ratings for the NBA season. A Cleveland-Golden State Game 7 this year would draw Super Bowl-esque numbers. Damn near billions for the league

So is Adam Silver corrupt, or is the NBA rigged? I’d rather call them opportunists. They saw a chance to open the door for KD to go to Golden State, and pounced on it. All about that dolla.


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