Things I Thought Would Be More Important: Triangles

Triangles, triangles, triangles. I feel like that’s all that I heard from age 3-18 in school.

Ooh Paul you’re sitting at the triangle table today in Kindergarten. Today we’re going to talk about pyramids, which are triangles. Now we’re going to calculate the angles of the triangle, and how long the sides are. There’s my entire academic career summed up into one paragraph.

Come to realize, just like syllables and continents, they’re probably the least important thing in the world? When was the last time you identified a shape as a triangle, and were happy that you could present that information to yourself? You can tell me you were walking down the street the other day and were like daaayyyuummm look at that 87 degree angle with that hypotenuse of 34 inches? Never happened. Triangles are yet another thing that’s been taking up valuable space in our brains, for slim to no reason (and slim died yesterday) (that’s not how that phrase usually fits in, but we’re going to roll with it now aight?).

And there’s no doubt that I’ve got lots of people on my side with this one. Walk into any sophomore geometry class and ask them if they think triangles are important. Already know the answer, and it’s no, they’re useless.


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