OBJ Becoming Self Aware About The Net Thing Is The Least Funny Thing In Internet History

Brief history of the OBJ and net thing from a Twitter user:

He tore apart the net in an angry fit, that became a thing, then he hugged it after he scored, and this week he proposed to it after he scored. Because he saw a million cameras on him and wanted nothing more than a load of attention.

Lamest thing I’ve ever seen in the NFL. Not even funny lame where it’s fun to make fun of. But you know he’s going to try and make this a thing, and Bleacher Report will be posting some stupid animation of him and the net after every play and people will just be eating it up. Please, don’t let this continue to be a thing. It’s the furthest thing from funny.

Ummmm and I’m guessing that the punter and kicker are pretty pissed about this. Get out the way OBJ, some guys are trying to get their work in.


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