College Tip: Pants Don’t Have To Be Washed More Than Once Per Month

New series of college tips coming at you guys here on Crossover Report Deep Thoughts. If we’re being honest, they’re more life hacks than tips but I feel like the word “hack” is beyond overused.

So this will undoubtedly shed some bad light on me, but the Spring 2016 semester I wore the same pair of sweatpants to class every single day after midterms. Washed them maybe once in that time period? Because, because, because, pants don’t have to be washed more than once a month, tops. That’s a scientific fact.

Obviously, there are exceptions. If you wear said pants to the gym, and either workout in them or put them on after a workout. If you spill something noticeable on them (i.e. pizza sauce). If you can smell them without putting them up to your nose. Outside of those three, there’s no reason.

It’s almost a known fact at this point that the guy from Holes who invented the Sweet Feet spray actually sold the rights to that to the pants companies, and they spray each pair with them. So they can never even get dirty or smell bad due to day to day activities. Only through extraordinary circumstances can they get dirty. Just trying to save you some room in your next load of laundry, you’re welcome.






















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