One Of These Three Things Jim Harbaugh Did This Weekend Must’ve Been A Violation

Jim Harbaugh’s likely becoming the best recruiter in the country, and that doesn’t come without bending a few rules. Difference with him’s that he’s apparently just given up on hiding the bend.

Let’s breakdown what Jim Harbaugh during Michigan’s bye week:

  • Went to and actively recruited 2017 RB Najee Harris, one of the best all around players in the country. What’s the issue? Harris is committed to Alabama. Harbaugh, though, “didn’t talk to him or his family”, because “that would violate rules”.

lies gif.gif

  • That same night, Jimmy boy announced Homecoming King and Queen at the high school. Sure that’s probably fine, no problems there.

yeah no that's weird gif.gif

  • The next day, at another Cali high school, Harbaugh was on the chain gang. Probably pissed off whatever math teacher from the school usually has that honor (not meant to throw any shade, that’s actually a big deal).

Never had a big problem with guys bending recruiting rules. Because some of them are pretty stupid and waaaaay too strict. But put forth the effort to try and hide it big guy.


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