The REAL Reason Everything Changed for Cleveland Sports

June 19, 2016 should forever be the greatest day in a Cleveland sports fan’s life. Not only did the Cavs do the unthinkable and comeback from a 3-1 series deficit to defeat the Golden State Warriors on this day, but the Indians also took over first place in the AL Central and started a 14-game winning streak on June 19, 2016. So, Cleveland sports fans went directly from an NBA Championship, to a first place baseball team. I never thought I’d say this in my life, but, it must be pretty damn nice to be a Cleveland sports fan these days. So, you might ask, “What sparked the recent resurgence of Cleveland sports?”

The answer to that question is simple. Game five, NBA Finals, two men, one nut shot. Draymond Green is lying on the floor after a foul call when LeBron James gives him the “Allen Iverson step-over.” This is where everything in Cleveland sports history changed. Green popped up quickly, taking offense to the step-over, and backhanded LeBron directly in the nuts! I bet you’re reading this thinking, “What the hell does this have to do with everything changing for Cleveland sports?” Well, like I stated earlier, that nut shot took place during game five of the NBA Finals. After that nut shot, the Cavs went on to win three straight games against the Warriors (who never lost more than two in a row all season). So, the Cavs playoffs record post nut shot was 3-0. The Indians playoff record post nut shot, 5-0. Add that together, 8-0. EIGHT AND ZERO! Cleveland teams have not lost a game in the playoffs since this incident. So, Cleveland sports fans have Draymond Green, and his nut hitting ways, to thank for the sudden resurgence of their teams. Except the Browns.

The most bizarre thing about this whole journey is that IF (BIG IF) the Indians are able to make the World Series, game one is scheduled for October 25, 2016. Guess what else is scheduled in Cleveland on October 25, 2016? The Cavs season/home opener against the Knicks. With the AL winning the All-Star Game, the Indians would have home field advantage if they make the World Series. So, game one of the World Series AND Cavs season opener all on the same night in the city of Cleveland. That place will burn to the ground!

To close, I find it amazing that Cleveland can possibly go from NBA Champs, to World Series Champs, straight into the NBA regular season like this. They literally have the opportunity to pretend like the Browns don’t exist this year. If Cleveland was the parents, and its sports teams were its kids, the Cavs would bring home all A+ report cards, the Indians would bring home their Student of the Year certificate, and the Browns would be sitting in the corner looking like this:

browns simpsons.jpg


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