Eagles Took the Amtrak to Washington, Are Tempting Fate For Some Reason

Don’t @ me anything about Amtrak, because you don’t know about Amtrak as much as I do, that’s a promise.

The Northeast seems like the place that all of Amtrak’s crashes happen. You could make the point that airplanes are just as dangerous, except they’re really not. When was the last time a big plane crashed in the States? But you’ve got trains crashing every few months.

And that’s just the secondary issue. Because I can promise you the Amtrak train did not leave on time, and did not arrive on time. More likely than not, the Eagles are still stuck in a cornfield because the train’s “waiting for another train to pass” (would be a rich man if I had $1 for every time I heard that). It’s your own funeral Philly.


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