More Than Anything, I Hope Bama and OSU Don’t Get Upset Today

College football’s the best sport season in the world because of great matchups, and rivalries, and close games, and upsets, and etc. etc. etc.

But I’m praying hard that today, Ohio State and Alabama don’t lose today. Because if there’s one thing that ruins college football, it’s late season upsets.

Wrote about it during March Madness, how Cinderella’s ruin the tournament every single year. Because nobody wants to watch Arkansas Little Rock battle Middle Tennessee in the Sweet 16.

Just the same in college football, these late season upsets could catapult Bama and Ohio State, who are undoubtedly the two most talented teams in the country, out of the playoff. Which would be terrible for college football (there would still be enough time for them to potentially get back in the final 4, but you get my point). Because at the end of the season, in the championship games, you want to see the big dogs, the best of the best, the powerhouses. Everybody and their mother will tune into Ohio State vs. Alabama. That’s the matchup of the century. But a Washington vs. Clemson championship? I’d just rather not.

If you like college football, even if you’re a Michigan or Auburn fan, you should be rooting for Ohio State and Bama today. Because it’s good for the game.

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