Keith Law Murdered Tim Tebow’s Baseball Career (RIP)


– Tim Tebow is in the Arizona Fall League. He might be better suited to playing in an Arizona high school league. His presence here is a farce, and he looks like an imposter pretending to have talent he does not possess.

– Tebow the baseball player is not a baseball player; he’s a washed-up quarterback who has size and nothing else. His swing is long, and he wields the bat like someone who hasn’t played the sport in more than a decade, which he hasn’t.

– The Mets’ decision to sign Tebow for $100,000 as, essentially, an undrafted 29-year-old free agent, where any other player would be lucky to get $1,000 and a plane ticket, was a craven, mercenary move befitting an independent-league team desperate for the added revenue from ticket sales, not something a major league team with postseason aspirations should be doing.

–  This is all in service of adding jersey sales, but if MLB and the Mets were being honest about this, the front of Tebow’s jersey would say “Avarice” in Comic Sans.

oh my gosh 1.gif

oh my gosh 3.gif

oh my gosh 2.gif


I understand this is Keith Law’s job, to judge minor league baseball talent, but it’s a little hypocritical for him to call this whole Tebow thing a farce and a publicity stunt, and then turn around and write a whole article about him to bring yourself publicity. Because I’m sure that got more views and clicks than 99% of his player reviews. Just how normal minor leaguers wouldn’t get a $100,000 signing bonus, you wouldn’t normally be scouting an Instructional League player. So you’re benefiting off of this just as much as Tebow.

Ummm and Keith? You seemed to have forgotten that Timmy can raise people from the dead, pretty significant thing to omit.


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