Are Nachos the Most Underrated Food Ever? Obviously, Yes.

Spoiled the whole summary of the article in the title, that’s a rookie blogging move.

There I am, eating nachos with dinner the other evening. And it hits me that wow, we’re really under-utilizing this unbelievable food invention. We’ve gone all in on burritos and tacos and quesadillas and blah blah blah which everybody can agree are 10 times worse than nachos, and 10 times less practical.

I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate role too here, and admit that nachos can be a bit tough to eat on the go. Maybe they’re not going to fill you up as quickly as a burrito, or are as easy to handle as a taco.

But with nothing to back this up, I’m like 95% positive that nachos are healthier for you than the other Mexican foods I mentioned. Not talking those nasty nachos you get from a concession stand that are just ruining the reputation for nachos if we’re being honest. Plus there’s so many more options and experiences with nachos than any other food. You could have the guacomole and sour cream action in one chip, and then some salsa action in your mouth before you know it. While I’m knee deep into this, you could almost consider chili cheese fries to be nachos. And if you do, there’s no doubt they’re the most underrated food in the history of digestion. We’re bringing nachos back folks, and it starts right here.


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