Penn State Kicker Comes Out About Eating Disorder

Recently we’ve seen lots of special teams highlights from Penn State football games because of one player.  No, not a returner racking up touchdowns, but the kicker who is making big highlight hits.

Joey Julius, the 258-pound Nittany Lions kicker has had multiple highlight hits on kick returns.  He has taken over the Penn State campus, fans going nuts at every home game when he is announced.  Yes, its not always the norm to see a kicker the size of Julius, but Julius has come out about his weight and is handling it in a very manly fashion.

Julius posted to Facebook over the summer saying that he had a binge eating disorder.  He wanted to openly admit he had a problem and wasn’t afraid to face that fear.  He entered treatment during the summer in St. Louis.

Julius sat down with Good Morning America to talk about his binge eating saying, “”I would have to lay down to the point where I was so sick I couldn’t move and just lay there.  If I would’ve continued down this path, I might not be here right now.”

The kicker has since gotten help and wants to help other men who struggle with the same problem he faces.  He is very open in that he doesn’t believe eating disorders or binge eating is only for women.  All  people can face this problem and plenty of men face this challenge.

Penn State is 4-2 on the season and is on a bye this week, they host #2 Ohio State next week.


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