Trump Criticizing the NFL’s Concussion Policy at a Rally was the Funniest Thing He’s Ever Done

Actually laughed out loud the first time I watched the video. And the next 35 times too.

You don’t have to like Trump to be able to say that he does things that are laugh out loud hilarious. Joking about the size of his dong at a debate was as good as any Kevin Hart joke. When he picked up that kid who was dressed as him at a rally the other day, you all laughed a little bit. Does that mean he should be president? No, not at all. But the guy’s entertaining.

And yesterday, he said the single funniest thing that I’ve ever heard from him. Of course he thinks the NFL’s concussion policies are soft. Basic story’s that a woman passed out at a rally, got back up, and Trump called her tougher than these NFL players who “get a little ding and it’s oh no oh no you can’t play any more”. Please please please watch:



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