Bulls Fans Will be Pissed to Learn How Close They Were to Grabbing Lebron and Wade in ’10

Cannot BELIEVE these two allowed Chris Bosh to dictate where they were going to sign. Can you imagine that Bulls team? Would have walked through the Eastern Conference. MVP-quality play from D-Rose, a young Joakim Noah, and still-prime Luol Deng, and  straight grit throughout the rest of the lineup (John Lucas, Scal, Asik). Oh, and then you add in two of the top 10 players of our generation.

For those of you outside of Chicago, this remains the base of the hate Bulls fans have for Lebron. They won’t tell you that, but it’s true. Very similar to why Sawx fans hated A-Rod so much. Yeah, there are things after that amplified the hate (fighting with Varitek, hitting the ball out of Arroyo’s glove), but the hate comes from missing out on a great player like him. It’s the same from Lebron. Yeah, sure Lebron’s been a baby against the Bulls, and whatever whatever. They would have been on their knees for him if he came to the Bulls in ’10, and he’d have the statue next to Jordan outside the UC. Don’t let them tell you they never wanted him.


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