Tebow’s Minor League Teammates Are Selling Signed Merchandise From Him On Ebay

Via Deadspin:

“…head on over to eBay, where a seller with the user name pmazeika19 is selling an autographed Tim Tebow baseball bat for $4,500. Given that pmazeika19 has previously put a pair of customized Mets cleats up for sale, I think it’s safe to assume this is Patrick Mazeika’s (catcher for the Mets Instructional League team) eBay account.”

You’re a bum if you’re not doing this. Instructional league players get paid nothing, which seems to be illegal. So for these two months Tebow’s down there playing with you guys, get everything you can of his signed. Steal some stuff out of his locker room. Can you imagine what his cup would go for? At least 5k, and probably 10 if it’s signed.

We don’t advocate theft here, of course. But that kind of resilience and quick-mindedness is an intangible teams are looking for. Just like Santa’s always watching, you’re always being scouted in the minor leagues.


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