No One Actually Believes Laremy Tunsil Got Hurt Stepping Out of the Shower, Right?

Out of all the excuses for injuries used by athletes, this one’s the absolute worst. Yet it still seems to come up extremely frequently. One time had a teammate who said he cut his business getting out of the shower. That excuse almost certainly means it was something either immoral or illegal was going on when you get hurt.

I’m supposed to believe that Laremy Tunsil has the bathtub/shower joint like us commoners? Dude had a $7 million signing bonus. You’ve got the walk in shower, and the separate bathtub, don’t act like you’re pulling a quick one over on me. Even at the hotel, you’ve got the hookup, I’m positive. Plus your big ass should be taking baths anyways.

Really thought Tunsil was going to turn himself around with the Dolphins, but you can’t deny this is the bummiest of bum excuses for injuries in all of sports.


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