Joe Thomas, Jay Cutler, and the Carolina Panthers. (Trade talks & More)

The Blindside was a great movie. Michael Oher was dominant in college and high school at left tackle. Though he may be out for the Super Bowl runner up Panthers. The hottest name to replace Big Mike is none other than the best left tackle in the league, Joe Thomas.

Now when you think of the Browns, you don’t normally think of dominance. Yet that is exactly what Joe Thomas is: Dominant. He’s been in the league nine years, guess how many pro bowls he has been to? NINE! The dude is a straight up monster. The Panthers absolutely need to start protecting Cam Newton better if they want him to be around for the long term. Adding Joe Thomas would nearly eliminate hits from Cam’s blindside. Hell Vonn Miller would have a hard time getting to Cam all game if he went against Joe. The Panthers would need to give up at minimum a 2nd and quite possible even a 1st, maybe a combo of 2nd and 4th would work. Either way, the Panthers paid a 4th round pick for Cleveland’s punter Andy Lee last year. What would they pay for the best player at a position that is impossible to find to protect their young and oft injured QB? Well for Cleveland’s sake, hopefully a 1st.

The Panthers sure aren’t the only team in the market for Joe Thomas either. There are rumors swirling around the NFC North as well. The whispers are talking about a straight up trade of Joe Thomas for… Teddy Bridgewater. Yes. That’s not a typo. Now I don’t like Teddy as a QB at all but the general NFL really likes the kid. I don’t know what to think of that potential trade. For the Browns it obviously works. They get a young QB who isn’t already a total bust *cough* Johnny *cough* and the Vikings get some much needed help and depth on their line. The only problem I see is the Vikings would be going all in on Sam Bradford. While I do like Bradford, committing to him is a very bold move. That defense can make up for nearly anything but I’d be lying if I didn’t think Bradford could go Rex Grossman on the Vikings and throw 4 picks in a playoff game. This one feels far fetched but with the way the Vikings are playing, they might put all their chips into the middle and go for the ring this year.

Now I said the rumors were in the NFC North and it doesn’t stop with the Vikings. The Bears are in the market and God knows they should be. The Bears tackle play has been like Vonn Miller vs a six year old, though that might be insulting the six year old. Aaanndddd you know we can’t talk Bears without talking Jay Cutler. According to some reports the Browns would trade Joe Thomas in a deal that had Cutler involved. It might the Bears Cutler and a higher draft pick but at this point it would be worth it. The Bears interior line is the best in the league and if you added the best tackle in the league, it could be the closest line to Dallas in the league. Add in the fact that Jay Cutler and Josh McCown love each other and Hue Jackson doesn’t want to deal with young kids playing at QB, it doesn’t sound so absurd. The Bears would move on from Cutler and get a high draft pick in the process, maybe even the pick that turns into a franchise QB.

If I had to pick any scenario to come true, it would be the Panther adding Thomas to keep Cam Newton on the field and away from the independent doctors. Thomas has made it known he doesn’t want to leave Cleveland but either he changed his mind or the front office has finally decided to cut bait after the 0-5 start. Either way Thomas is the biggest game changer on the offensive line in the NFL. Any team adding him is getting a huge boost. Don’t sleep on the tackle position, after QB is it the most important position on the team.


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