Packers TE Found a Full Chicken Head in His BWW Order

Well there’s a couple of ways to take this. On the one hand, you’d rather not have heads in your food. In no circumstances, on no dish, in no country, do I want to look my food in the eyes. Most people share that sentiment.


A little glass half full line of thought, at least when it’s a chicken head, you know that at some point there was actual chicken involved in the process. You didn’t find like a horse hoof, a rat, or a human. Yes, this obviously means that the production of their chicken is mashing whole chickens into nuggets, but at least it’s chicken.

Best part of this whole story was the probably 19 year old manager of the restaurant, who informed Jared Cook that the head was in with the chicken, because of “how fresh their process is”. Absolute power move, need someone like that on our site.



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