NFL SUCKS: The Browns got absolutely screwed on a fumble call last week. (DEFINITIVE ANGLE)

So the Browns were playing the Redskins last week. Duke Johnson carried the ball and fumbled it. The call on the field was ruled a fumble recovered by the Redskins.. but Duke Johnson came out of the pile with the ball. The NFL officiating committee head Dean Blandino made the following statement after a hailstorm of questions were launched on social media

Well after that I asked the question. Is there definitive view of someone else recovering the football on the ground? The answer is no. The ball was fumbled, went towards a Redskin player, then the pile occurred, Duke Johnson came out with the ball. The question you need to ask is: Is the ball bouncing towards someone before losing sight, enough to grant clear and concise possession?  The answer? Absolutely F%*king not. Why am I so confident in that?

Here is an exclusive angle from Inside the NFL

Watch that and tell me if there is a single doubt in your mind that the Brown’s Duke Johnson didn’t recover that ball. You can’t. That is the clearest recovery I’ve ever seen.

Now ask yourself this: Isn’t the NFL suppose to review and look at all the angle on any possible turnover? That’s what I thought. But oh well. Just another thing the NFL can’t do right. What a God damn travesty. Joke of a review in what is becoming a joke of a league.



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