D.C. City Council Bragged on Twitter About Spending $700 Million in Public Funds for a Stadium

They thought this was such a humble brag, that I actually dry heaved in my mouth.

So $701.3 million for the Nats, they must have simply not had the funds to do it themselves right? False, of course false. Let’s talk about Ted Lerner. Hell of a story, actually. He took a $250 loan from his wife in 1952, and turned that into a real estate company that’s made him worth $5.2 billion. More impressive than Trump’s million to billion story.

But even with that $5.2 billion, Lerner just couldn’t seem to come up with the money from him and his rich friends, and instead schemed to get the D.C. city council to cough up the money. I’ve laid out this kind of thing before, that the BIGGEST lie told by our politicians is that there isn’t enough money for something. Which isn’t some big liberal idea, that there should always be money for everything. But the fact of the matter is that local, state, and federal governments collect trillions of dollars every year in taxes. And they use that money when they want to and how they want to, usually to benefit their rich friends, rather than how the money should be spent.

It’s the biggest epidemic in our country, and people don’t talk about it enough. Whatever party you are, or creed you believe in, I hope you’d agree that we shouldn’t be giving handouts to billionaires to build their stadiums, while at the same time saying there’s not enough money for after-school programs or new roads, or mental health services. I don’t know how to stop it, but I know we can’t accept it any more.


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